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SmartEnCity, main character of the Europe Congress Palace

We have already spoken on numerous occasions about the impact of cities on energy consumption and emissions generated to the environment. And consequently, also of the important role that they have to play in the necessary transition towards climate neutrality, the ultimate goal of the European...

CARTIF, SMEs and Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation? The world nowadays is immersed in a deep digital transformation change, whether we like it or not. Moreover, it seems the logical order of human evolution, because human development, is linked to technological development, since the "discovery" of fire, or the first...

Energy poverty makes its way in Europe between heatwaves and energy prices

Last June the European Commission (from the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub: EPAH) published a handbook as a guide to understand and addressing energy poverty, which has become a reality in Europe, and particularly in Spain. Although there is no agreement on a common definition of energy poverty, it...

Robust solutions with simple ideas

Machine vision is one of the enablers of Industry 4.0 with increased integration in production lines, especially in the quality control of products and processes. In recent years, a real revolution is taking place in this field with the integration of Artificial Intelligence in image processing,...

Closing the water loop in industry: management and savings

Water is essential for human survival and well-being and plays an important role for many economic sectors. However, water resources are unevenly distributed in space and time, and are under pressure from human activity and economic development. In addition to water for irrigation and food...

Quantum Computing is not science fiction

For many science fiction fans, quantum computers are those gadgets than can make everything and that they are installed as on-board computers in spacecrafts or they appear as laptops of reduced size and sophisticated aesthetics. For many of those that aren´t fans of the genre, quantum computers...

Why do we like some landscapes more than others?

Each landscape makes specific, different, unique feelings. When contemplating a meadow dotted with trees, we do feel something totally different from what we feel looking at a desert area. This also happens when facing cultural landscapes1. A Romanesque church does not make the same sensations as...

Why Central Asia has become a hotspot for Europe?

In 2020, the European Commission launched a Research proposal (or "topic") with a budget of 10 million Euros that aimed at the development of innovative and sustainable mini-hydropower solutions in Central Asia. What makes this remote part of the world special for the European Commission to fund a...

Hard to measure

Researchers are increasingly confronted with situations of "digitalise" something that has not been digitalised before, temperatures, pressures, energy consumes,etc. for these cases we look for measure systems or a sensor in a commercial catalogue: a temperature probe, a pressure switch, a clamp...

New challenges in plant-based food

Environmental concern and awareness linked to the expected population growth, and with it the increase in demand for food and the need to ensure the sustainability of resources through more efficient processes has led to a change in the consumption trends. Consumers, increasingly concerned about...

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Energy & Environment

From Apollo 13 to the Digital Building Twins

From Apollo 13 to the Digital Building Twins

"Houston, we`ve had a problem" This phrase, which is now part of history and sounds familiar to most of us, even if we belong to a different generation, was used by the astronauts on board the Apollo 13 spacecraft after an oxygen tank on board explosion. This happened...

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Construction & Infrastructure

A proper approach to inspecting historic buildings

A proper approach to inspecting historic buildings

It is said that those who forget their own history are condemned to repeat it. Cultural Heritage is part of that history, talks about our beliefs and experiences, it carries us where we came from and grants our identity. Knowing it helps us to understand the problems...

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Health & Quality of life

October 16th, World Food Day: #ZeroHunger

October 16th, World Food Day: #ZeroHunger

#ZeroHunger is the motto for the World Food Day that is celebrated on October 16 leaded by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) worldwide. #ZeroHunger is also part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the World Health Organization...

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